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    The e-learning zone is the part of the website where you carry out your studies - your 'online classroom', if you like.

    Once you have been accepted and enrolled onto a course, you will be given access to your specific programme learning area. This is the online area where you will access all the learning materials and activities for your programme.

    On many programmes it is also where you access the discussion groups, which are tutor group (or learning group) based, so that you can communicate online with the rest of your learning group and your facilitator. These areas are useful for support and discussion.

    Below are a couple of page samples from the Level 4 Diploma in School Business Management Human Resources unit to give you an idea of the typical format of pages you will see in the e-learning areas. Many of our e-learning programmes will look similar (except the SENCO Award which uses the University of Wolverhampton's learning portal).

    We use a variety of study methods and materials across our programmes including audio and video clips, activity tasks, interactive scenarios, WebEx online conferencing (online meetings and discussion tutorials), web links to external reading resources and reports, discussion forums (chat and support areas), online workbooks - examples of some of these are shown below. 

    See our frequently asked questions area too (FAQs tab at the top of this page).


    image C screenshot (July 2015)

    image D screenshot (July 2015)