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  • Technical Requirements for Participants

    Please read this important information to assist your experience as a user of the learning centre website.

    For most of our programmes, we would expect you to be familiar with using a computer and the internet. E-learning activities might include online tutorials and discussions, online web conferencing (WebExes or 'webinars'), downloading programme materials, online research, submission of assignments via email, etc., depending on the programme or module you are following. 

    Support and instructions will be available if users are not familiar with some online learning procedures. Knowledge of using typical office/business applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint is also useful for many of the programmes we offer.

    NOTE: This website and the programme content is optimised for desktops or laptops. Access to content (to read content for example) via tablets and other mobile devices is usually possible but cannot be guaranteed. It is expected that primary access to programme content will be via a desktop or laptop (either Windows or Mac OS systems).  [The website is built on a Moodle platform, which currently does not offer a mobile-compatible version for all required functions]. 

    IMPORTANT: There may be compatibility issues if you are not using recent versions of your web browser and common applications such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash Player and Microsoft Office. Therefore it is generally recommended that you keep your software up to date with the latest, or recent, recommended software updates. These updates often improve the security of your machine too.

    Pop up blockers in your web browser should be either disabled or configured to allow the opening of pop ups from the learning centre website

    For support on any of the above requirements please contact your own IT administrator or your usual channels of technical support and advice. Otherwise call or email our team (office hours) who may be able to provide advice but we cannot guarantee to support issues caused by hardware or software limitations.

    To get in touch, see details on our Contact Us page.

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