Operations Manager Apprenticeship

Topic outline


    As a result of a Government reform to apprenticeships, new professional development opportunities are available for both new and existing employees, known as Trailblazer apprenticeships.  

    Trailblazers are made up of a group of employers who work together to design new apprenticeship standards for occupations within their sector which are then approved by the Department for Education.  Serco has led the design of trailblazers in management and leadership resulting in a level 3 apprenticeship for Team Leaders, a level 5 Operations Manager apprenticeship and the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship at level 6.

    Serco Education is in the process of developing the Operations Manager Apprenticeship.  This higher apprenticeship includes a Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership accredited by the Chartered Management Institute as well as the support of a coach during your apprenticeship. Up to 100% of the programme costs will be covered by the apprenticeship levy. 

    The application round for the Operations Manager Apprenticeship starting in October 2018 is NOW OPEN!

    Application Deadline: 31st August 2018

    • Programme Details


      The Operations Manager Apprenticeship takes up to 18 months to complete and is suitable for anyone who manages teams and/or projects/resources..

      The programme will include face-to-face sessions with online and work-based learning, covering a wide range of management and leadership skills, knowledge, self-awareness and behaviours.

      The Operations Manager Apprenticeship will support you in developing your personal management and leadership capabilities, make effective use of information in decision-making, planning marketing activites and resource management.  On completion of this apprenticeship, you can register as a member of the Chartered Management Institute and those with 3 years' of management experience can apply for Chartered Manager status through CMI.

      The Operations Manager Apprenticeship will cover the following units:

      • Introduction to Management  & Leadership (this unit is about the foundation skills and knowledge of a middle manager and leader)

      • Organisational financial management (this unit is about financial management systems and controls and the impact of external factors on organisational financial management)

      • Conducting a management project (this unit is about identifying, researching and producing a work-related project and evaluating its impact)

      • Information-based decisions (this unit is about using, presenting and communicating data that supports decision making)

      • Managing teams and individual performance (this unit is about the management of individual and team performance and how to improve performance)

      Successful apprentices will achieve:

      • A Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership
      • CMI membership (with an option to apply for Chartered Management status if eligible)
      • On-the-job experience
      • A Professional pathway for future development
      • Level 2 in Maths and English (if you don't already have these qualifications) 
      • Who can apply

        The Operations Manager Apprenticeship is open to anyone who manages teams and/or projects/resources including those who already have a Level 5 or higher qualification in disciplines other than business.

        Serco employees based in England of any age who are responsible for managing projects, tasks or people, may be eligible to join the programme.

        It is essential that you have the support of your line-manager.

        A minimum of English & Maths at Level 2 which is equivalent to GCSE grade A*-C are required in order to complete this apprenticeship, but if you don't have these qualifications we can help you gain the level 2 requirements during your studies.

        PLEASE NOTE: Anyone currently undertaking an apprenticeship or DfE funded programme of study will not be eligible for a higher apprenticeship until they have completed their current apprenticeship/studies.

        • Other considerations

          The levy will cover the cost of the training programme but doesn’t cover travel costs or accommodation should you visit other Serco sites or attend workshops during your studies.  Salaries will not be covered.

          This is an exciting opportunity to gain a level 5 diploma in management and leadership as part of your apprenticeship whilst working full time but please think carefully about your time commitment and how you will manage the day-job.  Although the programme is delivered flexibly there will be deadlines for assignments and attendance at workshops is mandatory.  Should you wish to discuss this further please contact Serco Education either by phone on 01452 930 300 or email: higherapprenticeship@serco.com.

          Remember to discuss this opportunity with your line manager who will be required to support you during your studies.

          Please note that, whilst your learning will be guided, with support from your facilitators (at the workshops and online) and your coach, you will be expected to work through the learning materials via our learning platform.  Each block of modules which you study will have a start and end date and you may have one or two milestones during the module, but aside from these it will be up to you to determine the pace at which you study and the amount of additional reading you do.  This may be a different style of learning to your previous experience and it relies on your own motivation to succeed.

          • How to apply


            You will need to create a user account (this takes just a few minutes to set up). You will be asked for your name and email address, and to create a personal username, password, and security question.

            You will then be able to complete the application form, which should take around 20 minutes. Please note that it is not possible to save a part-completed form and return to it at a later date, so we highly recommend viewing the sample application form below so you can prepare your answers beforehand.

            Sample application form
            Please click here for an overview of the questions.

            REMEMBER - You need the full support of your line manager, so please ensure you have this before you go any further!

            Once you complete the form you will be asked to complete a Personal Statement and your Line Manager will need to complete a Support Document, copies of these are situated in the Key Documents area if you miss them in the 'after submission' message.  Completed documents will need to be sent to higherapprenticeship@serco.com within 5 working days of your application form submission.

            You will now be ready to complete the application form below: