SENCO Award Pre-course Forms Area

Topic outline

  • SENCO Acceptance Form

    Welcome to the SENCO Award Acceptance Form area. You have been sent a link to access this page directly so that you can now complete the formal Acceptance Form (see below) for the SENCO Award programme.

    PLEASE NOTE: You will need to complete the form in one session as you cannot save and then return to it.  You will also need your current DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) number to hand before you start the form.

    Once you have completed and submitted the Acceptance Form, there are three Needs Analysis (self analysis) forms that you will also need to submit - see details lower down on this page.

  • SENCO Needs Analyses


    Complete each of the three different Needs Analysis forms below (click on each of the links below). You will need to complete and submit these online forms by 14th September 2018.

    Note that each form can only be completed in one session at a time as you cannot save a form and then return to it later (you can complete each form over three separate sessions if you wish). Printable versions for discussing with your mentor are available in the 'Further information' section below.

  • Further information

    If you want to print off a copy of each Needs Analysis form so that you can first review and discuss with your mentor, use the links below to access printable versions to aid discussion and reflection (these versions cannot be submitted as your final copies though).